Our origin

SALDORO is an ESCO – European salt company GmbH & Co. KG brand. Based in Hannover, we are Europe’s leading salt producer, producing approximately 6 million tons of salt per year. As a mining company with over 100 years of tradition, high quality salt is our passion. As the essence of life, it enriches us every day. Therefore, we are uphold the highest quality in our work.

Since 2013, we, at SALDORO, can vouch for high quality and naturally pure salts. The original salt is mined at 400 to 750 meters deep and directly from the ground at the northern German locations of Bernburg and Grasleben. In addition to this, our SALDORO brand has been enriched by the addition of a pure sea salt from the salt gardens in the Iberian Nature Park to our product range in April 2018.