The latest product in the SALDORO family of crystal salts

Kristallsalze Titelbild

The range of our SALDORO crystal salts for everyday cooking and seasoning has grown and is now finally available in stores! To ensure that you get exactly the salt you need on a daily basis, SALDORO offers four product variations:


Bruschetta mit Chili-Garnelen

The company, the LANDGARNELE, is based in the northern part of the German state of Hesse and specialises in the environmentally-friendly and sustainable production of king prawns. Contrary to frozen import goods, the LANDGARNELE’s prawns are sold freshly caught and are absolutely free from residues, since they are raised without chemicals and antibiotics. Those who are craving freshly caught crustaceans do not have to wait until their next trip to the ocean, or even resort to frozen varieties from overseas.

The healing power of salt

What is a soup without a good pinch of salt? Not only does salt serve as a seasoning, it’s a food in the truest sense of the word; without it we could not survive and it also has healing properties.

Mine Ride with SALDORO to the Salt Mine

The SALDORO mine drive into our salt mine in Bernburg was a real adventure for our food-bloggers Ronja, Tina, Lea, Bella and Jack and, of course, for our team. It isn’t often that you get the opportunity to drive more than 500 meters deep underground into a salt mine under normal working conditions, because, as a production site for food, the mine is not actually open to the public.

After our first successful SALDORO Blogger cooking event, the next morning at 7: 30 AM, we departed for the town of Bernburg, which is located 80 kilometers away. Our destination was our salt mine, which has existed for over 100 years. There, today, our SALDORO ancient salt is mined.