BBQ trends 2020

The 2020 grilling season is well under way, after all it is regarded as something of a national pastime here. To make sure that you are not bored during this grill season, we have collected the most popular BBQ trends 2020 for you here!

How does the salt actually get into the sea?

A bathe in the sea, salt on the skin and sun on the face – that’s what summer feels like. But if you get caught by a wave, your eyes will quickly start to burn and the salt water that goes into your mouth does not taste so good. This is because seawater contains an average of 3.5% salt.

The healing power of salt

What is a soup without a good pinch of salt? Not only does salt serve as a seasoning, it’s a food in the truest sense of the word; without it we could not survive and it also has healing properties.

6 Facts about salt

Everyone knows salt, everyone eats salt and everyone uses salt. There is so much more to sodium chloride, to give it its scientific name, than just a simple seasoning. Here are the 6 most shocking and interesting facts about salt.

Mine Ride with SALDORO to the Salt Mine

The SALDORO mine drive into our salt mine in Bernburg was a real adventure for our food-bloggers Ronja, Tina, Lea, Bella and Jack and, of course, for our team. It isn’t often that you get the opportunity to drive more than 500 meters deep underground into a salt mine under normal working conditions, because, as a production site for food, the mine is not actually open to the public.

After our first successful SALDORO Blogger cooking event, the next morning at 7: 30 AM, we departed for the town of Bernburg, which is located 80 kilometers away. Our destination was our salt mine, which has existed for over 100 years. There, today, our SALDORO ancient salt is mined.